Ogre Toes

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Ogre Toes.png

Harvesting information

Recommended Harvesting level: 46
Base Harvesting experience given: 50
Tools required:

  • None

Knowledge required:

  • None

Nexus required:

  • None




Seridia (C1)
Valley of the Dwarves 25px.png Gold Mines
White Stone 25px.png Tirnwood Undergrounds 00:45
Irilion (C2)
Aeth Aelfan 25px.png Aeth Aelfan (PK) Aeth Aelfan 25px.png Aeth Aelfan Gloomy Cave
Aeth Aelfan 25px.png Lothalith Fortress Arius 25px.png Arius
Emerald Valley Trade Route 25px.png Emerald Valley Trade Route 00:45 Glacmor 25px.png Glacmor
Glacmor 25px.png Waveneck Caves 02:16 Hurquin 25px.png Hurquin
Hurquin 25px.png Hurquin Cave Idaloran 25px.png Idaloran
Idaloran 25px.png Jahir Beach Cave Iscalrith 25px.png Iscalrith
Palon Vertas 25px.png Palon Vertas Palon Vertas 25px.png Southern cave
South Redmoon 25px.png South Redmoon South Redmoon 25px.png South Redmoon Mines
Thelinor 25px.png Thelinor (PK) Willowvine Forest 25px.png Willowvine Forest

Other information

  • Weight: 1 EMU
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Storeable: Yes

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