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Map overview

There are actually several caves which are referred to as Irinveron Caves, each having an unofficial name to differentiate them.

  • Blue Dragon Cave - In the far southwest in Polar Bear Cove, at [84,98]. Contains the Blue Dragon, a pile of gold and leads to Iringold's temple.
  • Daa Gri caves - Two elongated u-shaped caves, one containing Frost Trolls.
  • Lastrii Temple Cave - Near the village of Lastrii in the southwest, at [161,183], is C-shaped.
  • Harvesting Cave - One huge harvesting cave, entered via the C-shaped cave by the Lastrii village. Contains a variety of minerals and ores.
  • PK Cave - Links Daa Gri with the village of Lastrii in the south. It is T-shaped with exits at the each end of the T's arms, at [350,135] and [406,128]. Both entrances are PK, with a non-PK safe area around the fire pit in the center.
  • Yeti Cave - In the southeast corner of Daa Gri, at [708,147], which contains several harvestables as well as Yeti and Fluffy Rabbit creatures.


There are no harvestables in the Blue Dragon, PK, or Daa Gri caves.

- In Harvesting Cave

(Times are given walking to items via the Lastrii Temple Cave)

- In Lastrii Temple Cave

- In Yeti Cave

(Times are given walking to items via the northwest-to-southeast teleport spots in Irinveron)


Exits to

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